Going from Chaos to Calm and becominga R.E.A.L. Dad

For those guys who are about to become a Dad or who are already there.

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From Chaos to Calm

✔︎  Learn how to go from chaos to calm in these times

✔︎  Learn how to manage your own emotional state and your partners

✔︎  Learn how to adapt in ALL the environments you are juggling at the moment and still perform (from work to home and to you personally)

✔︎  Understand how to NOT solve everything or come up with Strategies to FIX things

✔︎  Understand how to BECOME that Role Model you have always dreamed of

✔︎  Understand the power of Self Respect and what that means in your relationship with your partner and child

You've got this...

Hey,  James Short here…

I get it…. It is a roller coaster of a time. One minute things are up and next minute, all over the place.

As a father of two and a step-dad to one, I understand the journey you are on. With also helping my coaching clients navigate these times for the past 15 years, there is no real text book that ever gets you ready.

However, what I have realised is that you don’t have to do it alone; you don’t have to “wing it” and “hope for the best”. There is help and there is guidance. This is why I have developed the REAL Dads Program.

Upfront, this is not about changing nappies, what to feed when, and how to burp your kid – we have another program for that.

This is about YOU 
– you as a person
– you as a Father
– you as a Partner/Husband
– you as a Role Model

It is about how to have the confidence and the clarity as you step into fatherhood

It is about knowing how to juggle everything that is on your plate and still succeed

It is about not letting yourself down, your partner down or your child down and potentially repeat past patterns that you may of been exposed to growing up

This is an exciting chapter – one that goes very quickly and before you know it, they have grown up and on their own path. Be there for them, Be there for your partner, Be there for yourself – let me show you HOW 


The R.E.A.L Dads Program

  • Learn the power of Respect – how this will change your life forever both at home and at work
  • Understand Emotional Awareness – how to navigate the emotional journey before and after birth so you succeed
  • Why being Adaptable is the key – knowing who needs to turn up and when to ensure you don’t “lose it”
  • Understand how to bring back the Love – how to connect on a deeper level to enhance your relationships
  • And So Much More…

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